Sauli Koskinen (28.3.1985)

Sauli won the Finnish version of Big Brother in 2007 and has since been one of Finland BB's most popular stars. Prior to entering the BB house, Sauli worked at a hamburger joint and in a clothing store, but hoped to become a professional stylist. He designed jeans for the Finnish fashion line koneHELSINKI and occasionally modeled the clothes for the company.

After leaving the BB house, Sauli and Niko experienced a great demand in public appearances, and began hosting events throughout Finland including festivals, fairs and a variety of children's and youth activities. Sauli was a member of the Super Club, led by former BB contestant and model Martina Aitolehti. The Super Club held parties and contests in different bars and restaurants across Finland.

Sauli and Niko have served as guides to groups of travelers at tourist destinations in Turkey, and Sauli was a recreation director on some language courses. On Seiska party cruises, Sauli and Niko entertained travelers, even “marrying” guests when they were temporarily “consecrated” as “priests." They visited the Seiska Talk Show a few times.

In 2008, fans petitioned to have Sauli and Niko back on TV. The campaign was successful. The program's name was Sauli and Niko's Best Clips, in which Sauli and Niko commented on viral videos they found. Today, Sauli has teamed with Katri Utula to create video blogs for the tabloid Ilta-Sanomat. He also works in his father's trading company, which he has done since prior to his BB days.

Sauli can frequently be found enjoying Helsinki's nightlife, especially at DTM and Jenny Woo. Fans describe Sauli as an easily approachable, friendly and cheerful man who always has time for his fans. Although Sauli has changed his appearance several times, he is the same old Sauli than before. Sauli and Niko are still good friends and have kept close contact, even if work has taken them in different directions.

Sauli is about 5 ft, 8 in. tall, and weighs about 130 pounds. Sauli likes exercise and says that he stays in shape by jogging around Töölö Bay. He enjoys sports, watching movies and loves good food. Sauli is a afraid of heights, but he loves traveling. Sauli's favorite destinations include Barcelona. Sauli’s skin is now adorned with several tattoos, one of which is a birthday gift for fans.

Sauli was born in Hyvinkää, Finland, and lives in Helsinki. Sauli has been dreaming of buying his own home in just a few years, but has not yet found the right space. He hopes to be able to renovate it, because he wants to design the interior himself. Sauli has mentioned it attaches to your home. Sauli also enjoys keeping his home fresh and organized as you can never know when to expect surprise guests.

Sauli has been single since his time on Big Brother, but he has been linked to season 8 American Idol runner-up, singer Adam Lambert. Sauli has not commented on their relationship and is always careful of their privacy. Sauli and Adam met when Adam performed in Finland in November 2010. After the concert in Helsinki, they have been spotted together in Paris and in California. Adam's fans have expressed interest in Sauli, and the YouTube videos of Sauli during and after Big Brother have been experienced a new peak in popularity since Sauli and Adam began dating.

Text: Sirpa, translation Dylan&Outi